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How to Have a Stress-free Move

Whoever said moving was not stressful is either lying or lucky. We have all had the pleasure of being party to a moving day best left in memory. When you expected clear skies and sunshine, you got a nasty rainstorm and golf-ball sized hail. When everyone agreed to meet at 8:00 sharp to get a […]

Blog: Protecting Your Furniture During a Move

You spent a lot of money on your household valuables. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to protect them? As common sense as it may sound, millions of homeowners fail to take the moving process seriously, mistakenly assuming that a few bumps in the road or a little light rain will do no harm to their […]

Asset Management Services

With a 100,000 square foot warehouse, AC White offers short and long-term storage as well as non-storage related services. AC White has a storage option for every business need. Whether the storage will be for a week, a month or a year, AC White can provide the service needed. In addition to storage, AC White […]