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Infographic: 10 Items You Need During a Move

Moving is no simple task, you have to pack your things, organize your home and acquire all of the items you need to transport your belongings. Who knew you needed so many items before you could move? Click on the image to see the 10 items you need the most in a move. If it […]

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Buy Moving Supplies on a Budget

Aside from being one of life’s most stressful experiences, moving can also be very expensive. You need a few trucks, moving blankets, tape, labels and oh-so-many boxes. Boxes will be your greatest moving expense. The experts at A.C. White have some ways you can save on this essential moving cost.

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Ensuring Your Valuables Travel Safely

Everything seemed to be going so well with your Atlanta move. You were prepared and organized and hired a reputable moving company to transport your worldly possessions from point A to B. There was just one problem though — you did not know how to properly pack your valuables. So, it therefore came as a […]

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What Should I Not Pack When Moving?

As seasoned Atlanta movers with nearly nine decades of experience in the industry, we have packed, crated, stored and shipped just about every household item you can imagine. Grand pianos, heirloom doll houses, antique furniture pieces, priceless paintings and irreplaceable family portraits – we’ve moved them all and so much more. Some of our customers […]

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How to Prepare for Home Inspections Before Your Move

Before you can close on your house and contact a trusted moving business to arrange for your own move, your buyer will no doubt schedule a home inspection. Some sellers dread this step and see it as a potential buyer’s way of finding fault with the property in order to bargain for a lower price. There’s […]

Moving Etiquette 101

As one of the most experienced moving companies in Atlanta today, we know that no matter how well you plan for moving day, it will never go as smoothly as you had hoped. Even though there are a million other things to remember and take care of, make sure you think of your new neighbors while you […]

How to Move with Children in Tow

Moving with children is rarely fun. Whether your hauling a cranky toddler or a pack of unruly teenagers, the moving specialists at A.C White can help by alleviating some of the stress.

Blog: Protecting Your Furniture During a Move

You spent a lot of money on your household valuables. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to protect them? As common sense as it may sound, millions of homeowners fail to take the moving process seriously, mistakenly assuming that a few bumps in the road or a little light rain will do no harm to their […]

House Packing Tips

Giving yourself enough time to pack for a major move is perhaps the single best advice to reduce the stress level associated with any relocation. Below are a few more useful tips to prevent a moving meltdown of major proportions.

Moving Checklist Part 1

Working With the Mover Call your United agent to set a date for the agent to visually survey your home and prepare an estimate. If your company is paying for your move, refer to their moving policy to determine the services the mover will be authorized to perform. Do you want to do any of the […]