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Best Practices for Packing Food

There are so many details to be considered when moving. One that often gets overlooked is food. There are items in your fridge, items in your pantry and all your frozen food products. Each one requires different handling.

Moving Antiques

When planning a move, one of the things that many people are most nervous about is how their antiques will fare. Not only do these items have significant monetary value, but often sentimental and historic significance as well. Because of their age, antiques are likely more fragile than your regular furniture. For all of these […]

A.C. White’s Specialized Logistics Approach

The specialized logistics approach that A.C. White utilizes is meant to simplify the relocation process for our clients. We know moving can be a hassle, especially for business owners. At the end of the day, companies want to make sure their inventory will be protected and kept in safe hands throughout the entire procedure.