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Moving Company Infographic Explains Why You Should Choose A.C. White

A.C. White is an Alpharetta Moving Company whose mission it is to provide quality moving services to the Atlanta communities. We have been in the moving industry for decades and we have the ability and resources to make your move successful. Check out our latest infographic to learn more about the services we provide to […]

climate controlled storage

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Whether planning a local or long distance move, temporary storage is often a necessity. Storage of excess items can be helpful when getting a home ready to sell. When it becomes necessary to vacate a property before the next one is ready to occupy, storage is a must. Climate controlled storage may be the best […]

couple sitting on floor moving in new house choosing furniture with computer laptop

6 Things You Can Store in Mini Storage, and Some Things You Shouldn’t

The late comedian George Carlin did a skit called “Stuff.” He facetiously said the meaning of life is “stuff.” It’s funny because we do accumulate more stuff than we have space. We amass so much stuff, he joked, that we have to get a bigger house to keep our “stuff” and sometimes put some of […]

"Storage, Self store facility."

Why Would I Use Concierge Storage?

Many people associate the word concierge as someone who tends to the needs of hotel guests. However, concierge can relate to any type of business, as in this case, storage. When you need items put in storage all you have to do is call A.C. White. They offer mini storage and concierge storage. Many people […]

packing food

Best Practices for Packing Food

There are so many details to be considered when moving. One that often gets overlooked is food. There are items in your fridge, items in your pantry and all your frozen food products. Each one requires different handling.

Pianos, Pool Tables, Oh My -- Moving Oddly Shaped Items

Pianos, Pool Tables, Oh My — Moving Oddly Shaped Items

Moving day is usually a time of positive excitement, mixed in with a little anxiety. It’s wonderful to move to your dream home or get relocated for a job you love. Those who have worked hard deserve to reap the benefits. A nice home with lots of space is a fitting reward. Yet, anxiety is […]

Moving Tips for Empty Nesters

Moving Tips for Empty Nesters

As an empty nester, it can feel daunting to plan the move you have always dreamed about. Sure, it would be amazing to downsize, move to the ocean or build the house of your dreams, but how can you? Your life and your possessions are settled in one place. The idea of packing up boxes, […]

Atlanta Storage Units

Keeping Your Data Safe

If you think your business is safeguarded from theft, think again. There are likely many areas your company could improve upon to prevent and deter unwanted intruders from entering the premises and seizing your corporate assets. While unfortunate, many business owners who fail to address these issues are oftentimes the ones who suffer at the […]


Unpacking Tips and Tricks

Unpacking can feel like a heavy burden to bear. You just packed everything up, and it’s already time to unload it! To make unloading the best experience possible, follow these easy tips and tricks from our experienced Atlanta movers:


Make Your Move Easier by Donating Older Items

If you are in the moving process, you may find yourself putting things into boxes that make you think, “Why am I keeping this?” or “Am I really ever going to wear this again?” If you find that you no longer have a use for your items, your Atlanta moving company recommends donating! Starting fresh at […]