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Moving Etiquette 101

As one of the most experienced moving companies in Atlanta today, we know that no matter how well you plan for moving day, it will never go as smoothly as you had hoped. Even though there are a million other things to remember and take care of, make sure you think of your new neighbors while you […]

Top Moving Destinations of 2013

Since the gold rush of the mid-1800s, America has been a country on the move. It is estimated that 43 million Americans change residences each year with the typical American moving 11 or 12 times in his or her lifetime. America retains the distinction of having the most mobile society in the world. And just […]

A.C. White Can Assist with Your School Move

Here at A.C. White, we pride ourselves on being experts on every kind of moving—including moving schools! If your school is planning on a move this summer or perhaps looking to move campuses soon, we encourage you to call us and have one of our skilled moving planners come out to your school and help you […]

Two Weeks Before the Move

One to Two Weeks Before Moving Day Pet and Plants Decide what to do with house plants. We cannot safely move your plants because they may suffer from lack of water and light as well as probable temperature changes while in the van. Alternatives: Give them to friends or relatives. Donate them to a hospital or […]

Moving Checklist Part 2

Two to Three Weeks Before Moving Day Working With the Mover: Notify your agent if you add or subtract items from your planned move or if there are any changes in dates. Be sure to supply your agent with destination address and phone numbers where you can be reached. Confirm any extra stops required to pick […]

Moving Checklist Part 1

Working With the Mover Call your United agent to set a date for the agent to visually survey your home and prepare an estimate. If your company is paying for your move, refer to their moving policy to determine the services the mover will be authorized to perform. Do you want to do any of the […]


We thought this would be a great repost since moving season is now upon us! MoveRescue was formed in November 2003 to provide assistance to consumers who have fallen victim to disreputable moving companies. Beyond its knowledgeable staff and attorneys, MoveRescue manages a nationwide network of transportation attorneys who are committed to assisting victims of […]

Dan McBride Wins with Secure Record Storage!

As a table sponsor at the GNFCC Eggs & Enterprise Breakfast on April 24, 2012, Secure Record Storage distributed storage box replicas filled with chocolate & entry slips into a $200 drawing for anyone who provided us with the name of their company’s Document Manager. The morning was extremely successful for us, but the real […]

Introducing Our Newest Division, Secure Record Storage

Secure, reliable record storage management is an essential service for every business of every size. Storing important documents in a basement, public storage unit or cluttered office space is about as secure as storing your life savings under your mattress. And trusting your records to a company you can’t trust to accurately and appropriately manage […]

A.C. White’s Very Own Was Recently Recognized as National Account Salesperson of the Month

Cindy Sirmans, Account Development, Moving Consultant & Project Manager, was recognized by UniGroup/United Van Lines as their National Account Salesperson of the Month in December 2011. Since 1983, Sirmans has been successfully working in the moving industry acquiring loyal and trusting clients. Over the years, she has broadened her knowledge of the many complex veins […]