Atlanta Storage

Often it is the case that there is a gap in time between moving out of your current space and into the new space. This could be caused by long distance relocations, or the simple fact that the new space is not ready yet. No matter the reason, A.C. White provides the best storage solutions for your specific needs. Contact your nearest A.C. White office to find a storage solution that works for you.

Residential Atlanta Storage Solutions

You should feel that your belongings are as safe in a storage facility as they are in your own home. A.C. White has gone the extra mile to make sure that your personal possessions are well cared for and secure.

We offer:

  • Newer state-of-the-art storage facilities
  • Climate control storage
  • Secure reinforced concrete and steel construction
  • 28-foot ceiling height – Palletized storage
  • Bar code technology
  • Multiple loading docks – for timely pick-up and delivery
  • Sprinkler
  • Burglar protection
  • Liability Insurance

We currently have over 250,000 square feet of storage space available throughout our Georgia storage locations. Plus, we can provide access to storage around the world through one of our more than 1000 partners. Ready to get started? Contact us now.

Atlanta Self-Storage vs. A.C. White Storage

A self-storage facility may seem to be a good choice for some, but first consider what you are not going to get with self-storage.

A. C. White provides:

  • Full service – pick-up and delivery
  • Secure facilities
  • Options for specialty storage of high-value items
  • Large capacity to handle entire home contents
  • Safe storage vaults to protect your belongings
  • Inventory records of what is stored and where
  • Valuation options to protect you
  • Monthly inspections to insure safe, pest free environment
  • Control over what is being stored in the facility

If it is an item worth storing, it is worth storing securely. Contact the A.C. White nearest you to find out more about our storage solutions.

Commercial Atlanta Storage

The best warehousing solutions and premium inventory control services are available through A.C. White. We offer over 600,000 cubic feet of racked storage space for all your short and long term warehousing needs. Our facility is protected by sprinkler systems, state of the art alarm systems and security patrols, all to ensure the safe-keeping of your inventory.  A.C. White can pick, pull and load to meet the schedule you specify, taking the product where it is needed locally or nationally. Contact A.C. White to find out more about our warehousing and inventory control.

Atlanta Asset Management

Managing your company’s excess office furniture and other assets takes a great deal of time and work. Monitoring and configuring these assets can be overwhelming and counter-productive. Why not get the most out of these assets and let A.C. White take care of the rest? Not only will we securely store these assets, but we will also photograph and catalog each item securely online for you to access at anytime. Not only can you view these items, but you can also order them to be shipped anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

Atlanta Pick & Ship Services

Respond quickly to your customer’s requests and leave the shipping up to the experts at A.C. White. We will receive and verify all of your shipments at our facility. Missing or damaged items will be reported to you immediately. When you designate delivery of products, A.C. White will securely pack your items for shipping to the designated recipient. Once we arrive with the shipment, we will unpack the item and assemble or place the product per the client’s direction. All delivery verification documents will be completed per the client’s specifications. For more details about how A.C. White pick and ship services can work for your business, contact us.