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A.C. White History

 A.C. White is a 4th generation family-owned Atlanta moving company. Founded in 1926 by A.C. White Sr., he purchased a pickup truck and went into the drayage business from his home in Marietta, Georgia. A year later he moved the business to Atlanta set up a desk in the back of a barber shop and bought a new 1926 Chevrolet open truck. Our first van body was built in a blacksmith’s shop in Blackwell, GA, in 1929, and another in 1930. The first van was lettered by the oldest daughter, Dorothy White DeMay when she was only 13 years old in 1929.
In 1930, A. C. White Jr., then 10 years old, made a trip to New York in the 1930 Chevrolet and was gone for almost 3 weeks, covering approximately 12 states. This unit didn’t have doors or body lights. Lanterns were hung on the corners at dark.
The company grew from 1 truck in 1926 until it became one of the south’s largest moving companies in 1941, employing 40 people. We maintained offices in several cities, as far away as Washington, D. C., and New York City. We had 5 warehouses, 8 tractor & trailers, and 10 straight vans. World War II came, and most of the good personnel was lost to the war effort, and the business was practically liquidated. Offices in major cities closed, warehouses and long-haul equipment sold. A. C. White Jr. went into the Navy in 1943. Operations were restricted to Georgia, with 4 trucks and 2 warehouses & A. C. White Sr. opened several furniture stores and bought and sold real estate.

Family Owned for 98 Years

In 1949, A.C. White Sr. sold the business to 6 other members of the family, and a partnership was formed. Joining United Van Lines in 1950, our total sales were $39,150.00, the equivalent today of $404,039.46. In 1953, the 6 partners decided to form a corporation, and by 1961, we reached sales of $500,000.00, the equivalent to $5,160,146.37 in 2023.
In 1976 our company was 50 years old, or 1/4th of our nation’s heritage. We employed 85 people and operated with over 80 pieces of equipment and 4 warehouses. Fast forward to 2021 we employed 150 employees, over 150 pieces of equipment, 6 warehouses throughout the state of Georgia. 95 years after A. C. White Sr. started this business we sold our Household Goods division to Apple Moving. Despite these major changes, more than ever we still maintain the family business feel that makes us a great Commercial Moving Company. We still employ some of the most talented team members; in fact, many employees, from management to helpers, have been with A. C. White for more than 20 years.

“Success is No Accident – It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.” – Pele.

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