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couple packing for a move

9 Tips For Packing For Your Move

Packing for a move is a big job no matter how you look at it, but a little planning and preparation makes it a lot easier. Here are a few tips to help you pack like a pro. Packing For The Move Consider having a yard sale. You might be surprised at what people would […]

Cardboard boxes before a move

Reasons Why AC White is the Premier Alpharetta GA Moving Company

Whether it is residential or commercial moving, it is bound to be hectic if you do not have the capacity and experience to perform the job. The process can drain you of both physical energy and your financial resources. Sometimes, you may think that your job is too small to enlist the services of a […]

Fragile Packing Tips

Tips for Packing Fragile Items

If you plan to pack your own breakables for a move, make sure to have the proper supplies on hand. This is not the place to scimp, because proper packing materials help ensure that your items arrive intact. Allow plenty of time for this type of packing. Rushing to do it at the last minute […]

Hiring Professional Movers

Should I Hire Professionals for a Local Move?

A move is a big deal for most families, even a move across town. It can be stressful to coordinate all the details, determine the costs involved, and allocate the necessary time to move from one property to another. A professional moving company can alleviate hassles, avoid potential problems, and make the whole process run […]

Let us help with your military move

Trust A.C White Relocations for Your Military Move

When you receive your PCS Orders to relocate, you’ll want to start planning immediately. It is essential to choose a moving company that is an approved government contractor with the experience and know how to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. A.C. White Relocations has been moving military families for more than fifty […]

New Year, New House!

New Year, New House- Let A.C. White Get You There

Just as a new year opens up new possibilities, a move to a new house can do the same. But don’t get overwhelmed by all the details that are involved in a residential move. Let the moving experts at A.C. White Relocations manage the process so that everything will go smoothly. Whether your move will […]

Organizing your mini storage unit

Utilizing A.C. White’s Mini Storage While Selling Your Home

For many families, the prospect of a move involves the sale of a home. Whether you are marketing a house, townhouse, or condo, most real estate professionals will advise their clients to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items. This may include cleaning out closets, garages, and basements. The marketing strategy is to allow prospective […]

Journey Home

The Best Journeys Take You Home- Let Us Help!

The thought of moving creates feelings of stress and anxiety in many people. Some of us hardly know where to begin. Others get quickly overwhelmed by all the details that must be taken care of, and arrangements that need to be made. Rather than struggling through a move on your own, why not get help […]

Close-up Of Businesspeople With Cardboard Boxes Standing In A Line;Outdoor

AC White Takes the Stress Out of Corporate Moves

Businesses move on average every 5 to 7 years. Corporate moves must be properly managed to avoid unnecessary downtime for the business and unproductive time for employees. A.C. White Relocations has the experience to ensure that corporate moves run smoothly, planning for logistical issues and providing services at affordable rates. Make Us Your Choice Our […]


Packing Tips for Your Move

When faced with an upcoming move, to pack your goods or hire professionals to do it becomes a key question. Many people opt for a combination approach, packing some items themselves and letting the pros pack breakables and specialty pieces. Remember that moving companies often will not cover damages on fragile items they did not […]