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A.C. White is committed to delivering the best service on every move. We understand that every move is being graded and that each grade decides our future. We are always hands-on and heads-up to ensure every aspect of relocation is handled down to the smallest detail. No move is too big or to small for A.C. White Relocations. We provide custom transportation and warehouse moving solutions, and have experience working with specialty businesses including libraries, laboratories, schools and military personnel. 


We Offer Specialized Moving Services To A Range of Businesses

A.C. White offers custom transportation & warehouse moving solutions to businesses in Atlanta and throughout the United States. Many distributors, faced with the need to move their warehouses, find themselves faced with the logistical challenge of moving large inventory areas, stock rooms, shipping / receiving areas and product control areas.  In addition, large quantities of racking must be disassembled after the product removal, moved and assembled at the new location, and most warehouse moves must be completed within a strict time frame. A.C. White Relocations has the resources and the experience to perform moves with these logistical requirements.  A.C. White will design a move plan that will outline the services that your company will require to complete the move in a timely and economical manner.



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Library Movers, School Movers, Laboratory Movers, Military Movers

Moving libraries demands special requirements.  From orientation to completion, each person involved in a move must understand the importance of a misplaced book. Accuracy is critical and the methodology should be simple and easy to understand.  At A.C. White Relocations, we understand that a library is a different kind of customer and that each library move is unique. Whether it be a small public library or a large university, A.C. White’s team of specialists have the expertise, equipment and dedication to assist you in your moving needs. Similar to libraries, schools require their own special moving needs. New schools may receive new, boxed furniture for students, teachers and administrators. This product may by shipped directly to the site by the manufacturer and will require unloading in a timely manner. After unloading, the product is placed throughout the building, removed from the cartons and assembled by qualified personnel. These moves also produces large amounts of cardboard that must be removed and disposed of. Schools that are remodeling may need moving services during off hours and/or large crews to perform moving services quickly or on short notice. Regardless of the circumstances, A.C. White Relocations can provide the qualified labor and equipment to complete every move. Our moving industry professionals have decades of experience in all kinds of moves, including schools. Laboratory moving is one of A.C. White’s most highly acclaimed services. A.C. White works closely with your staff to ensure that your equipment and materials are moved in the safest and most economical manner. Whether it involves an internal repositioning or a local relocation, our qualified team of movers and supervisory professionals can provide you with plans designed specifically to your needs to assure your lab arrives safely and on time. A.C. White is an approved carrier for your military and government moves. For more than 50 years we have been a top government carrier. We are also a family-owned business, and value a family-friendly environment.

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Founded in 1926, we pride ourselves on being one of the south’s largest most experienced moving and storage companies. For over 90 years, we have helped keep Georgia and the rest of the United States moving, hassle-free. As a 4th generation family owned company, it is our mission to provide the highest quality moving services at affordable rates to families throughout Georgia, and beyond.


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