Atlanta Economy Inspiring Big Moves

In just the past year, more than 60,000 people have moved to Atlanta, and for good reason. With its sub-tropical climate, gorgeous green spaces, and top-notch attractions, it’s definitely a great place to live. The booming economy helps, of course, especially as unemployment hits all-time lows and income levels keep rising. Want to know more? Here’s an in-depth look at just why the local economy has many people calling the moving company for their big move to Atlanta, Georgia.

Excellent Income Levels

While living in Atlanta, you can expect to make over $35,000 per year on average. At $7,000 higher than the US national average, it’ll be easier than ever to stretch your dollars and build a rainy day fund.

Nearly 43% of workers earn their income while working for small businesses across the city. Many others earn a steady living while working for national brands, including many popular Fortune 100 firms.

Top Employers Available

The most popular large companies to work at include:

  • Delta Air Lines
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • AT&T Mobility
  • Home Depot
  • Newell Rubbermaid

High-tech jobs are plentiful as well with over 126,000 people employed at local technology firms. Other profitable industries in Atlanta, Georgia, include transportation, education, hospitality, manufacturing, finance, and construction. Government jobs can provide a steady paycheck plus excellent benefits, making them a popular choice for new residents.

Low Unemployment Rate

Across all industries, Atlanta has a relatively low unemployment rate of 5.3%. With the national average at 6%, it’s seemingly much easier to get a job here than many other places in the country.

The job market is steadily growing with a 3% increase in just the past year. Over the next 10 years, the job market is projected to grow by more than 46%, which is nearly 15% faster than the US as a whole.

Although it can take up to two months to land a government job, most positions fill much faster than that. With a steady flow of applications going out each day, you can expect to get hired within just a few weeks of starting your search.

Manageable Cost of Living

Although a reasonably high income serves as a major motivator for those looking to move to Atlanta, the cost of living matters as well. Although it’s a big city, it has an overall cost of living index of 107.5.

So, you can expect most expenses to fall in the average range for the nation. Groceries, restaurants, household goods, and even healthcare actually cost less in Atlanta than in other regions, while transportation is a bit more expensive.

As for housing, the median home cost is $334,000 in Atlanta proper, although it drops to $240,000 outside the city limits. Many people choose to live in the suburbs, as a result, and commute into the city for work to save even more money each month.

Reasonable Tax Rates

Unlike other big cities, Atlanta’s sales tax rate is only 8.8% instead of pushing the 10% mark. Although it’s higher than the US average, it’s still manageable for most households. You also have to keep the state income tax rate in mind, however, which goes as high as 6%.

Since the state uses a progressive tax rate, that’s the most you’ll pay on your income as far as state taxes go. Across the state, most people pay an effective tax rate of around 4%. Your filing status, deductions, and other factors play into the calculations as well.

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