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Atlanta is a diverse city with many different communities in it. If you’re moving to the metro, here are some of the more well-known neighborhoods in the area.

Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park was created when the 1996 Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, and the park continues to be a main feature of the city’s downtown. You’ll find plenty of attractions and businesses around the community that’s named for this park, but fewer people actually live here.

You’ll undoubtedly visit the Centennial Olympic Park community sometime. If you work here and want the true downtown experience, you might choose to live here too.

Vine City and Castleberry Hill

You’d seen the Vine City and Castleberry Hill area, for they’ve played host to The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead and Driving Miss Dais. These two communities used to be industrial hubs of the city, but they’re being reclaimed as a hip part of town.

The retrofitted apartments in Vine City and Castleberry Hill are some of the most popular in all of Atlanta. You’ll also find plenty of bars, cafes and other attractions that hipsters like. Residents who resist the term “hipster” are welcome also.

GSU and Sweet Auburn

Sweet Auburn is where Martin Luther King, Jr. lived and served in the church, and you can still see some of the most notable landmarks in this historic community. Today, the Sweet Auburn district is a happening college town, as Georgia State University’s student housing is nearby.

As a college town area, Sweet Auburn also has cafes, bars, restaurants and nightlife in general. Many of the residents are transient, however, as they attend GSU for a few years.

Underground and Five Points

Underground and Five Points have historically been a ying-yang of nightlife clubs and daytime businesses. Underground once was the preeminent location for late-night partying in all of the metro area. 

Now, Underground and Five Points have melded into a much more homogenous community, albeit one that’s still fun to live in. The area has a good mixture of restaurants, nightclubs, stores and businesses — you could live here and never leave the immediate community.


Midtown is one of Atlanta’s main tourist areas, as it is home to the city’s museums. Visitors come to see the High Museum of Art, the Museum of Design, the Federal Reserve Monetary Museum, the Margaret Mitchell House, the Center for Puppetry Arts and the Botanical Gardens.

With so many museums, this is another part of the city that you’ll undoubtedly want to visit (much like Centennial Olympic Park). Whether you want to live here is another matter, however. Plan on driving to find a grocery store if you do get a place in Midtown. Also, the nights are quiet after the museums close down around 5:00 p.m.

Druid Hills

Druid Hills marks Atlanta’s early suburbs. The community was the first intentionally planned suburb, which means it’s one of the oldest and closest. Prices here can be high, yet it offers some of the best convenience for families that want a suburban lifestyle but work downtown.

Get Help Moving

If you’re coming to the Atlanta area, let us at A.C. White Relocations help with the move. We’ll make sure you get settled into whichever community you choose.


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