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While moving is a disruptive event any time it occurs, these challenges are both larger and unique when it comes to commercial entities. This is why it’s important to choose commercial moving solutions that are specifically tailored to the business, government agency or other commercial location.

What to Look for in a Commercial Moving Company

Of course, moving your commercial entity is more than simply finding the right moving company. You’ll need to coordinate operations, determine the applicable logistics and procure the appropriate supplies.

Knowing what to look for in a commercial moving company can simplify the process greatly.

1. Extensive Experience

While any moving job can benefit from experienced staff, this is especially important when dealing with commercial ventures. The equipment, computers and other apparatus that comprises your business is usually your very lifeblood.

If it is treated haphazardly or not afforded the right kind of protection, these items can become damaged. While insurance will often reimburse you for the costs of replacement, it doesn’t take into consideration the effects of downtime your business will experience because you don’t have access to everything you need.

In general, a moving company that has decades of experience has weathered the changes within the industry. They have adapted to these changes in order to deliver their customers with the services and experiences they expect.

2. Positive Reviews

Reviews are the backbone of nearly every industry in this digital age. Typically, people leave reviews when they have a great experience or when they have one that does not meet their expectations.

Look for a commercial moving company that has plenty of good reviews. These reviews should offer details that demonstrate their authenticity. Items such as the names of staff members and specific details about the move are clues that the reviewer is genuine.

3. Insurance and Licensing

It’s extremely important to work only with a commercial moving company that is licensed and insured for operations within Georgia. It is only those types of businesses that are legally obligated to protect your company’s property.

For moves that require leaving the state, the moving company is required to have a unique number that is assigned after they register with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains a database of intrastate movers that lists both their DOT number and insurance.

4. Full Service

Hiring a commercial moving company is only one part of the equation. Having access to a full range of commercial moving solutions ensures that all the tools you need for a smooth transition are at your fingertips.

Some options include:

  • refrigerated trucking
  • climate-controlled storage
  • tracing and tracking shipments
  • experienced operations and sales
  • specialized handling techniques for high-value shipments
  • full compliance with both OSHA and HIPAA
  • 24 hour security
  • total client integration with customized IT solutions
  • 24/7 web access to ensure inventory control and tracking

5. Transparent Rates

Knowing the rate charged by your commercial moving company allows you to successfully budget. In general, you’ll receive a base rate that is determined by the information you initially provide to the company. This is a figure that could change, depending on the specifics that are applicable to your specific move.

Commercial moving solutions can be configured for diverse situations and items including:

  • high-value electronics
  • refrigerated goods
  • retail fixtures
  • museums and exhibits
  • medical equipment
  • IT asset management and recovery
  • art
  • and more

Moving a commercial entity requires a specialized set of tools and techniques that should only be entrusted to a company that demonstrates that they have the right expertise. The ability to customize commercial moving solutions and provide full-service options to meet the diverse needs of businesses, schools, religious organizations, governmental organizations and more is necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

A.C. White has more than 90 years of experience in the moving industry. The company’s ability to adapt to the many changes and challenges over the years while still retaining their unwavering dedication to customer service is why they have survived. Contact us or give us a call at 770.325.9100 today to learn more.


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