Choosing a Commercial Relocation Services Company

The most crucial option after deciding where to go is selecting a commercial relocation services company. Moving firms are not all made equal, and choosing the incorrect one may be a major and expensive mistake. Here are some pointers on how to locate a commercial relocation services company that will help to make your move a success.

Estimate Your Budget

Before you even begin the budgeting process, you’ll need to figure out when you need to move, what will be relocated, how big your current and new spaces are, and what will need to be installed in your new space. You’re ready to establish a full set of relocation charges now that you have this information. Prepare a “scope of work” that specifies the services you’ll require prior to, during, and after the relocation. While you may choose a vendor for each service area, a “one-stop” relocation business that combines a variety of services into a single contract is becoming increasingly common. This frequently decreases logistical complexity, stress during the move, and total expenditures. Finally, a quality commercial relocation services company will give a free, no-obligation quote for the task and conduct a walk-through to determine the scope of the work.

Research Quality of Service 

Corporate relocation is a difficult process in which cost is not the only factor to consider. On paper, two movers may appear to be the same, but how they work with you makes all the difference.

Learn About Your Service Options.

Decide whatever service alternatives you require. Is your IT department in need of assistance deploying computers, office equipment, or telecommunications systems? Do you want a moving company that will assist you with your sustainability program or charity endeavors? Do you require a mover with particular industrial knowledge to load your sensitive equipment? Ask the commercial relocation services company for industry references that can attest to their performance on previous jobs.

Pack Assets Effortlessly and Securely

The packing procedure can cause a lot of stress for your staff and have a negative impact on their performance. Inquire with the commercial relocation services provider about how they’ll work with your in-house project manager and what directions they’ll provide your staff. Find out about the mover’s warehousing options if your furniture or other items will need to be kept while the new area is being built. What level of protection does it provide? Will the circumstances be sufficient to protect your important assets? What about products that are oversized? Find out whether they deal with a reliable firm that does if they don’t have their own warehouse.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage

Determine the value of your property and the level of risk you are willing to take on. Prepare to have a lengthy conversation with potential movers about the coverage levels, qualifying restrictions, responsibility, and damage resolution procedures they provide. Finally, request a Certificate of Insurance from the mover, which will protect you from property damage and/or workers’ compensation claims.

Know What You’re Getting For Your Money

It’s critical to obtain a fair estimate so that you aren’t surprised by additional costs. Without a question, your top goals are for the mover to secure your relocation date, guarantee the lowest possible price, and offer flexible payment alternatives. Then inquire about how the business determines price, such as by square footage or the assets being relocated. Be wary of hidden fees, like relocating on a weekend or managing large things. Find out about their cancellation and rescheduling policies as well. Each quotation you get should provide you an objective, reasonable fee range. Total expenses as well as a breakdown of each part are available. If you have any questions, don’t be shy about asking. Finally, keep an eye out for outliers when comparing quotations and don’t fall for a “too good to be true” price.

Request a Well-Thought-Out Action Plan

Make each moving company you’re considering offer a comprehensive action plan along with a pricing estimate. This will provide your internal relocation team with crucial logistical information, a timetable of critical milestones, and other useful instructions. Find out what other services they provide, such as a project manager who will serve as your single point of contact. Most importantly, consider if you can trust them to follow through on their promises and give high-quality service.

Don’t settle for anything less than a successful transfer for your company. If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the commercial relocation services who can best assist you in achieving your goals.


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