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Retailers, B2B companies and other commercial operations require stable supply chains to move their products and equipment from one location to the next. Having dependable moving companies on hand helps to keep transportation costs in budget while ensuring that the goods reach customers on time. Here are several types of companies that may benefit from our Georgia moving services.

E-Commerce Shops

E-commerce businesses offer goods online through their own websites or through marketplace platforms. Depending on the size of their operations, some sellers do not have warehousing capabilities. They may have the supplier perform the logistical work to move products to customers. Other shops have bulk goods sent to them where they separate the items for each individual order and then immediately send out the shipments. Commercial moving services from A.C. White helps simplify this process with both warehousing and cross-docking services.

Warehousing and transportation services provide the storage capacity so that e-commerce shops can store the products on hand. These order fulfillment services ensure that every customer order is handled with care and quickly picked and packed for immediate shipping. Cross-docking services are the fast solution for e-commerce shops to move goods with very little handling involved. Cross-docking doesn’t require warehousing and storage services, as products are moved between two modes of transportation whether it is truck-to-truck, dock-to-truck, rail-to-truck, or aircraft-to-truck.

Companies Requiring Warehouse Transfers

Not every product or piece of equipment is stored at a location that is easy to access. A company may require specialized equipment to be moved across the country to another warehouse where it will be placed into use. Other businesses may have experienced seasonal sales orders or have an upcoming promotion that requires specific goods stored at one warehouse to be moved to another location to manage the influx of orders. Inventory transfer services allow companies to move goods, equipment, and other assets between warehouse locations.

Inventory transfer services allow companies to have their products and equipment at the right Georgia warehouse locations at the appropriate times. It offers a way for companies to better manage their warehouse capacities while also improving their operations and ensuring that goods quickly reach their customers.

Temperature Controlled/Refrigerated Logistical Services

Some goods require a set temperature at all times during the transportation process or may require chilled logistical solutions. Refrigerated and temperature controlled moving services ensure that products remain at the specified temperature at all times to prevent spoilage or damage. A wide range of companies and organizations require temperature controlled and refrigerated trucking services.

Top industries utilizing these services include food and beverage companies. If their products are not kept at the specified temperatures, the goods can be unsafe for human consumption. Other companies that need these moving services include pet and livestock food companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Also keep in mind that some goods requiring temperature control are not designed for consumption. Museums shipping priceless artifacts and works of art may request for temperature controlled transportation services to prevent damage for their display items. Also, greenhouses and floral companies that ship live and cut plants need temperature controlled moving solutions from a reliable company.

IT Asset Management and Recovery

Companies involved with operating data centers, telecommunications, and power systems have equipment and resources that need secure management and disposal services. Items that are considered IT assets include hardware systems, software systems, or any type of item that gathers, stores, or uses company, customer, or financial information. Companies that have IT equipment and documents may need these goods shipped from warehouses and data centers to office locations and vice versa as part of their data disaster recovery plan strategies.

Also, companies may have IT assets that have reached their end of life. Commercial moving services from A.C. White offers safe and secure transportation of equipment and other goods that are headed to disposal facilities.

Companies Requiring Specialized Moving Services

A range of companies may require specialized services for their goods. Whether they need just-in-time (JIT) transportation services, emergency transport for goods, or additional logistical solutions for a complex supply chain, A.C. White Relocations provides customizable logistic services that best fit your company’s specific needs.

We offer comprehensive transportation and warehousing solutions for a range of industries at various locations throughout Georgia and across the country. If you require zero hour expedited transportation of goods and equipment or are looking for a company that handles order fulfillment and warehousing of inventory, we have the solutions to work for a range of companies and their operations.

As Georgia’s premier commercial storage and transportation provider, A.C. White has the network, facilities, tracking solutions, and customized IT services to suit your company’s goals. When you are searching for reliable and affordable moving solutions for equipment and products from experienced professionals, turn to a company that has been involved in the transportation and logistics industries for over 90 years. Contact us today to learn more.


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